Creative Writing


The FACCS Creative Writing Regional Festivals and State Competition are writing events for students in grades 1-8. Entries are written at the school-level then submitted electronically to the Regional Event Coordinator for judging. Top entries from each region are then sent to the State Event Coordinator for judging.

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Regional Competition


All Entries must be submitted no later than Friday, February 5, 2021.


If you have enrolled to participate in the Creative Writing Festival, you can register in the FACCS Portal. Registration must be completed by Friday, January 15, 2021.

  • $15.00 per entry - Member school
  • $22.00 per entry - Individual homeschooler

The following categories are available in the Creative Writing Competition:

Category Grades
  Short Story 1-8
  Two-Word Poem 1-3
  Sense Poem 1-3
  Haiku 3-5
  Cinquain 6-8
  Elementary Poetry 4-5
  Elementary Essay 4-5
  Scripture Poem 6-8
  Middle School Poetry 6-8
  Middle School Essay 6-8
Electronic Entry Submission

Entries must be submitted in the FACCS Portal no later than February 5, 2021.  Late entries will not be accepted after February 5.  Check the FACCS Portal for instructions for how to submit entries. Contact your regional or event coordinator for specific instructions if needed.

Regional Coordinators

Contact your regional coordinator if you have any questions.

State Eligibility

Regional Festival entries in each grade and category that receive the highest evaluation per grade/category with at least an "Excellent" rating will be automatically forwarded to the FACCS Creative Writing State Competition.  Entries that are not forwarded to State Competition will be returned to the school no later than March 5, 2021.

State Competition

The entry in each category/grade with the highest evaluation with at least an "Excellent" rating from the Regional Festival will be automatically forwarded on to the State Competition (no additional registration or fee is required).

Winners from this event will be published on this website.

Entries and awards from this event will be returned to the school after April 2, 2021.


The manuals and forms are in Adobe PDF format.
Left-click to view; Right-click, Save Target As to save to your compute


Below you can find the certificate in fillable pdf format that corresponds with your region. Open the files in any version of Adobe Reader - type the name of each participating student from your school into the appropriate field - print to your local printer (you may want to print this on special paper). These files are savable to your hard drive.
For 2020 Creative Writing Festival and state certificates , contact the Office of Program Services.