Philosophy of Christian Education

The required Philosophy of Christian Education course can be either an undergraduate or graduate level course or a specified seminar that meets the following requirements:

  • Entitled or sub-titled as Philosophy of Christian Education or its equivalent, (“Philosophy” or “Educational Philosophy” are not acceptable);
  • A course description that contains the following components:
    1. A history of educational philosophy - both biblical and secular
    2. A Christian worldview
    3. Biblical integration
    4. Philosophy of teaching methods
    5. Philosophy of classroom discipline
    6. Philosophy of curriculum development
  • Be at least one (1) college credit or 6 instructional hours in length
  • Is either identifiable on a valid transcript or is certified by a copy of the seminar certificate showing the seminar title, instructor, date, and location of instruction.

Two FACCS member colleges offer a professional development course that meets all of the above requirements. Visit the links below for details regarding these courses: