Spelling Bee


FACCS intends to hold all competitive events during the 2020-2021 school year as planned.  Because the safety of our competitors, families, and the residents of our host locations is of utmost importance, we are closely monitoring the Covid-19 situation across the state and working with our competition hosts to ensure that all events are conducted safely.  Please keep the following in mind:

  1. Any competitive event may be canceled on short notice. In the event of an event cancellation, FACCS will refund all prepaid registration fees to competitors.
  2. Extra precautions and restrictions will be in place at all competitions that may limit activities and the number of permitted guests. These precautions will be based on CDC guidelines, local county ordinances, and host location restrictions.  Competition coordinators will provide all participants with guidelines prior to each event.


The FACCS Regional and State Spelling Bees are oral spelling bees for students in grades 1-12. At the Regional Spelling Bees, participants spell down to the top four (4) placements, who then advance to the State Spelling Bee. 

To participate, schools and home school families must first enroll to participate in FACCS events. Then each participant must be registered by the school or home educator for the Regional bee. 

Words are taken from the FACCS Master Word List, released to schools and homeschoolers upon completion of enrollment.

2020 State Winners

1st Grade

  • 1st - Wynter Young (Rocky Bayou Christian School)
  • 2nd - Allison Peterson (Gladeview Christian School)
  • 3rd - Analise Erb (Grace Christian School)

2nd Grade

  • 1st - Harrison Wild (Cinco Christian School)
  • 2nd - Titus Strother (Orlando Christian Prep)
  • 3rd - Kazune Takaoka (Orlando Christian Prep)

3rd Grade

  • 1st - Dortha Adkins (Gladeview Christian School)
  • 2nd - Allan Polatcan (Hobe Sound Christian Academy)
  • 3rd - Adrianna Letohic (Highlands Christian Academy)

4th Grade

  • 1st - Richard Woodin (Morningside Academy)
  • 2nd - Ana Sofia Otero (Westwood Christian School)
  • 3rd - Chase Scott (Trinity Christian Academy)

5th Grade

  • 1st - Olivia White (The Paideia School)
  • 2nd - Daniel Garcia (King's Christian School)
  • 3rd - Elijah Meyer (First Baptist Christian Academy)

6th Grade

  • 1st - Grant Shreve (Ruskin Christian School)
  • 2nd - Christian Mack (First Coast Christian School)
  • 3rd - Beryck Hester (Morningside Academy)

7th Grade

  • 1st - Payton Huff (Hobe Sound Christian Academy)
  • 2nd - Marcus Rosier (North Florida Christian School)
  • 3rd - Samuel Menendez (Westwood Christian School)

8th Grade

  • 1st - Eliana Kut (Homeschool)
  • 2nd - Daniel Menendez (Westwood Christian School)
  • 3rd - Christian Vasquez (North Florida Christian School)

9th/10th Grade

  • 1st - Lucas Colson (North Florida Christian School)
  • 2nd - Mori McCain (Rocky Bayou Christian School)
  • 3rd - Summer Young (Wade Christian Academy)

11th/12th Grade

  • 1st - Kaden Caldwell (Homeschool)
  • 2nd - Cody Ellis (Ruskin Christian School)
  • 3rd - Sheena Freed (Ruskin Christian School)


Regional Spelling Bees


Friday, October 23, 2020 
Unless listed differently below


See the Regions tab below.



Region 1
Coordinator: Mr. Tom Culver
Date: Friday, October 23, 2020
Location: Cinco Christian School

Region 2
Coordinator: Mrs. Karen Wilson
Date: Friday, October 30, 2020
Location: First Coast Christian School

Region 3
Coordinator: Mr. Chad Soucie
Date: Friday, October 23, 2020
Location: Orlando Christian Prep

Region 4
Coordinators: Mrs. Karen Jeffers/Mrs. Patty Gleason
Date: Friday, October 23, 2020
Location: Spring Hill Christian Academy 

Region 5
Coordinator: Ms. Kelly Stetler
Date: Friday, October 23, 2030
Location: Hobe Sound Christian Academy

Region 6
Coordinator: Ms. Denise Thompson
Date for High School: Thursday, October 22, 2020
Location for High School: Westwood Christian School
Date for Grades 1-8: Friday, October 23, 2020
Location for Grades 1-8: Florida Christian School


All registrations must be completed in the FACCS Portal. 
Registration must be completed by NO LATER THAN Friday, October 9.  
Up to four (4) students per grade/division, per school/homeschool group are permitted to register. 
Maximum of 4 individual homeschoolers will be permitted to enter per grade, per region on a first come, first served basis.


$15.00 per member school/homeschool group participant, unless listed differently above 
$22.00 per individual homeschool participant, unless listed differently above 


State Spelling Bee


RESCHEDULED - Friday, November 20, 2020


Inverness Christian Academy
4222 S Florida Avenue
Inverness FL 34450



Holiday Inn and Suites - Lecanto, FL
903 E Gulf to Lake Hwy
Lecanto, FL 34461

Central Motel - Inverness, FL
721 US Hwy 41 S
Inverness, FL 34450
(352) 726-4515
Large rooms, close to ICA
Rates range from $75-$95 per night


The final day to register is November 4.  No registrations, individual or school, will be accepted after noon on November 4.


$22.00 per member school/homeschool group participant 
$30.00 per individual homeschool participant


A commemorative State Spelling Bee t-shirt is included in the State Bee registration fee so all participants will receive a shirt. Each shirt will have the names of all participants printed on the back. Additional shirts are available in various sizes by pre-order only. Cost: $10. Shirts must be ordered with registration - no tees will be available for purchase at the event. Sizes available are YS, YM, S, M, L, XL, XXL. If parents or staff wish to order, there is a section at the bottom of the form to input additional tees.


The following is the schedule of bees at the 2020 FACCS State Spelling Bee.  Please arrive at least one hour early for your bee.



Church Auditorium

8:00 AM



9:30 AM



11:00 AM



1:00 PM



2:30 PM



Note to Parents

Please do not contact FACCS for specific information about the State Bee. Your school has ALL of the information you need - please see your school level coordinator. You may wish to view the schedule (above), the Parent Letter (below), and the Spelling Bee Manual (below). 
As well, the words that your child needs to be studying for the State Bee are clearly defined in the cover page of the Master Word List (download below). Actual word lists are ONLY available from your school.



The manuals and forms are in Adobe PDF format.
Left-click to view; Right-click, Save Target As to save to your computer.

Master Word List

The Master Word List is not released on this site. It will be sent via email attachment to each school and home educator upon enrollment. FACCS only provides the list to enrolled schools. Parents need to contact the school for a copy of the word list for their child.

View a copy of the cover of the Master Word List that explains how words are selected for the Regional and State Bees.

Parent Letter

Please distribute this Parent Letter to the parents of each 2020 Regional Bee participant. It has key information for them to help their children prepare for the bees.

2020 Regional Spelling Bee Certificates

Download the appropriate file to your computer that corresponds with your region. Open the files in any version of Adobe Reader - type the name of each participating student from your school into the appropriate field - print to your local printer (you may want to print this on special paper). These files are savable to your hard drive.