Certification Program Information

The following is a general overview of the FACCS Professional Educator Certification program.

The Purpose of FACCS Professional Educator Certification

Florida Association of Christian Colleges and Schools (FACCS) teacher/administrator certification is not an attempt to standardize, license, regulate, or control any individual, school, church, organization, or entity. Specifically, the certification of an individual is to assist in benefiting the quality of Christian education. Further, it is meant to provide an individual with a professional credential; to encourage continuing spiritual and educational accomplishments; to provide a valid educational character reference; and to benefit the overall public relations aspect of the Christian school ministry. It is NOT meant to replace or diminish the certification program of any state Department of Education. FACCS certification is unique in that it requires not only educational excellence, but also distinctively Christian philosophical elements necessary for a quality Christian education. 


The Privilege of FACCS Professional Educator Certification

FACCS certification is a privilege afforded to the faculty and staff of any FACCS participating or accredited school whose President, Board, School Administrator, Headmaster, or Principal has signed the individual’s application. The individual must be gainfully employed by the school before certification will be granted. The certificate is the sole property of the name bearer and that person is fully accountable to maintain certification standards. There are exceptions made for applicants for employment to FACCS schools to apply for certification before being hired.

The Process of FACCS Certification

FACCS certification briefly involves the following areas: the undergraduate and graduate educational preparation of the applicant, specifically degrees earned; the total number of educational and administrative courses completed in the above mentioned degree programs; and the specific areas of concentrated study for subject area endorsement. 

In order for these areas to be appropriately examined, an individual desiring certification must do the following: 

  • complete in its entirety, an online FACCS Professional Educator Certification Application (paper applications may be completed as well, but online applications are preferred);
  • upload (or mail) verified copies of transcripts from ALL college, seminary, Bible institute, university, or other training facilities or have them sent directly from the school to the FACCS Office of Program Services (grade reports, non-official copies of transcripts are not acceptable);
  • upload (or mail) a copy of the Master Inservice Program (MIP) transcript downloadable from the MIP web site - only if renewing a certificate - not applicable to new applicants.
  • pay online (or mail) the appropriate application fees and additional fees (if applicable) for each certificate type and level desired and any late or reinstatement fees;
  • once all of the above have been received by the FACCS Office of Program Services, allow at least 2 weeks for the electronic applications to be processed and 6 weeks for paper applications to be processed before contacting FACCS to check on status.