Who We Are

The Florida Association of Christian Colleges and Schools (FACCS) is a voluntary service organization, providing an association for Christian schools, Christian colleges and universities, homeschool groups, and homeschool families. Started in 1968, it is the oldest, state-level association of Christian schools in the nation. Read our Statement of Faith.


Mission, Purpose, and Values


FACCS exists to advance the cause of Christian education by providing school accreditation, legislative, and program services to member schools and their constituents.


Guided by Biblical values, the purpose of FACCS is to provide ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE  through accreditation, to deliver PROGRAM SERVICES through professional  educator development and student opportunities, and to preserve LIBERTY through legislative support for Christian schools.


FACCS has four core values:

  • Biblical authority: We affirm that the Bible is our sole rule of faith and Biblical principles guide our practices.
  • Religious liberty: We commit to protect Christian school freedom and autonomy.
  • Excellence: We inspire organizational and academic excellence in Christian schools.
  • Services: We provide services that meet the needs of our diverse school constituency.


Accreditation and Co-Accreditation

FACCS offers schools a quality accreditation based on nationally recognized standards. Once a qualifying school has attained a full accreditation status, they may apply for expanded national and international co-accreditations through our association with the National Council for Private School Accreditation (NCPSA), Middle States Association of Schools (MSA), and Cognia protocols.

Professional Educator Certification

FACCS Teacher and Administrator certification provides an individual with a professional credential within the Christian school. The public relations benefit to FACCS member schools will assist in attracting and keeping qualified staff, families, and students.

Professional Development

FACCS offers an annual Christian educators' convention and conferences for teachers and administrators and cooperates with member Christian colleges to provide the professional development needs of teachers and staff members.

Student Festivals/Competition Programs

FACCS offers students the opportunity to develop their God-given abilities through various festivals and competitions:

Student Assessment Program

FACCS member schools may participate in a specially designed assessment program allowing them to purchase SAT10/OLSAT testing materials at a discount. It also provides valuable reporting and comparisons on a national and international level.

Job Placement Services

FACCS member schools may post open positions at this web site which can be viewed by potential candidates from all around the world.