FACCS is delighted to offer festivals and competitions for your Elementary, Middle School, and High School students! These events are designed for the purpose of allowing our students to gain valuable experiences through the process of evaluation and competition. We want your young people to develop their talents and have a platform for their God-given abilities.

  • Spelling Bee - Grades 1-12
  • Creative Writing Festival - Writing festival for grades 1-8
  • Brain Bowl - Academic team competition for grades 6-12
  • Junior Fine Arts Festival and Competition - Art, music, and speech festival and competition for grades 1-8
  • High School Fine Arts Festival and Competition - Bible, art, music, speech, writing, and academic testing competition for grades 9-12

FACCS intends to hold all competitive events during the 2020-2021 school year as planned.  Because the safety of our competitors, families, and the residents of our host locations is of utmost importance, we are closely monitoring the Covid-19 situation across the state and working with our competition hosts to ensure that all events are conducted safely.  Please keep the following in mind:

  1. Any competitive event may be canceled on short notice. In the event of an event cancellation, FACCS will refund all prepaid registration fees to competitors.
  2. Extra precautions and restrictions will be in place at all competitions that may limit activities and the number of permitted guests. These precautions will be based on CDC guidelines, local county ordinances, and host location restrictions.  Competition coordinators will provide all participants with guidelines prior to each event.

View more information about how your home schooled student can participate in FACCS Festivals and Competitions.

To get started in FACCS Competitions, you must first enroll.  All schools must enroll in the FACCS Portal.